Looking for the Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

Collecting residual dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas is a headache. Conventional vacuums cannot access it.

Lifting dirt off upholstery is a tricky business as well. It is not advisable to use the same vacuum for both floors and upholstery. You want to avoid transferring the dirt picked up from the floor to your precious sofa.

Further, it’s a hassle to haul a bulky vacuum cleaner to clean the interior of your car. This is why people leave the upholstery of their vehicles in a mess.

A small handheld vacuum cleaner solves the problem of lifting dirt from this and other inaccessible areas. It is easily carried and stored in your car, to be used at your convenience.

What to Look For

Handheld cleaners are flooding the market. A few conventional vacuums even come with useful handheld attachments.

Though retailers spoil consumers for choice, some vacuums are a cut above the rest. What makes these so outstanding?

1. Affordability

A handheld vacuum should always provide you with great value for the money you spend. An inefficient, but expensive vacuum sends anyone into fits of frustration.

2. Efficiency

A dynamic, reliable hand vacuum should have:

  • A large dust cup
  • Have varying control levels
  • Sufficient run time
  • Useful attachments

Dust cups should have sufficient capacity. You should not need to empty them too often. If possible, choose a cleaner that has varying control levels. This means that you will not have to press the control constantly.

It should run for a long enough period and have attachments that help you lift dirt from difficult corners.

3. Durability

A durable handheld machine is built to last, with replaceable spare parts.

4. Design and Storage

A handheld cleaner that is designed for easy storage is always useful to add to your arsenal of household appliances.

The Best Handheld Vacuums

Black and Decker Pivot Vac PHV 1810

  • Has 18 volts of power
  • Is powered by a high performance motor
  • Has an integrated brush and an extended tool
  • Comes with washable dirt bowls and filters
  • Is creatively designed

This vacuum’s high performance motor uses cyclonic action to draw nasty dirt and debris. The integrated brush and extended tool lift dirt particles from upholstery, corners and other hard-to-reach places.

Its dirt bowls and filters are washable, meaning that you do not have to keep replacing them. The sleek design allows you to fold it for easy storage. It is available at $51.93 on Amazon.

Users report a short run time, but award pluses for the vacuum’s wide cleaning span. Black and Decker’s excellent customer service also scores points.

Eureka Clean Hand Vac 71B

  • Has strong 5.5 amp suction power
  • Comes with two powerful motors
  • Has integrated crevice tools
  • Comes with a clear dust cup and filter

It has 5.5 amps of suction power and is truly dynamic. One motor powers suction and another, a motorized brush. You can lift dirt from hidden corners easily. The integrated crevice tools help with this.

The filter and dust cup is easily emptied. Though it’s not cordless, the extra long cord gives it power and extended run time. It is affordable at $37.99 on Amazon.

Customers attest to its power and ability to lift dirt from corners and upholstery, However, they also reflect that it blows dust around before drawing it in. It is also heavy.

Amor Wet/Dry 12 Volt Vacuum Cleaner

This lesser known vacuum:

  • Draws wet and dry debris
  • Has a built-in crevice tool
  • Is small and lightweight

A boon of this efficient vacuum is that it removes both wet and dry debris. Wet debris damages some handheld vacuums. The built-in crevice tool lifts dirt from difficult areas and upholstery.

This nifty cleaner is highly portable. Small and lightweight, it measures a mere 17.3 by 15.6 inches and is easily stored.

Customers say that it is user-friendly. The built-in crevice tool clears dust from hard to reach areas. A drawback is that the power is rather low at only 12 volts. It cleans stubborn areas after several tries.

It is a low-cost vacuum at $25.99 on Amazon.

Dirt Devil Extreme Power Bagless Handheld Vacuum

This devilish handheld vacuum:

  • Has 15.6 volts of heavy suction
  • Comes with a quick-flip crevice tool and a retractable brush

The quick-flip crevice tool and retractable brush allows you to reach inaccessible areas. With 15.6 volts of power, it has enough suction to complete cleaning jobs efficiently.

It is bagless and does not exhaust dust, a boon for those who are asthmatic.

A winner of the Good Housekeeping Good Buy Award, retailers have priced it at $32.72 on Amazon.

Users have reported that the Dirt Devil is dynamic and lifts glass shards with no issue. It is durable, with a customer reporting that he still uses it after three years. However, the replacement filter is costly and clogs after a few minutes.

If you or your children bring wet debris into your car often, try using the Amor Wet/Dry Vacuum. It clears wet particles with ease. Use this vacuum, available at $25.99, if cost is an issue.

For greater suction power and an extended run time, use the Black and Decker Pivot Vac or the Eureka Clean Hand Vac, with 18 Volts and 5.5 amps of suction power respectively.

Compared to other vacuums, the Black and Decker Pivot Vac cleans completely, with large capacity filters and dust cups that are washable.

A reliable, durable vacuum cleaner is the Dirt Devil Extreme Power Bagless vacuum. It is usable after a few years.

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