Reasons to Buy a BISSELL For Hardwood Floors


Due to the high number of vacuums for hardwood floors, it has become difficult to make an appropriate selection. It is for this reason that you need to find out about the top reasons to buy a BISSELL vacuum for your hardwood floor.


They are known to be the best when it comes to capturing animal dander and dust. This is possible due to the following desirable capabilities:

It comes with a v-shaped design that allows you to clean hidden edges along the dashboards in your home easily. You do not need a brush roll to effectively clean your floor because the v-shaped base sucks in all sizes of particles in its path. BISSELL vacuums are very maneuverable, which makes cleaning around furniture very easy. You will find that using this vacuum cleaner allows you to clean your hardwood floor faster than its alternatives. Due to the fact that it features wipers made of materials that attract dust and fibers from animals, it is the best vacuum for hardwood floors for such applications.


These vacuum cleaners are very desirable in this respect because they are known to require the least maintenance of all devices in the market. This is important because you don’t need a vacuum cleaner that breaks down often, leading to expensive repairs. Washing the foam filters with warm soapy water on a monthly basis and periodically checking the belts will keep your vacuum cleaner working like new.

Height Adjustment and Weight

You have the option to adjust your vacuum cleaner to your desired height because it is designed to offer 7 settings. This allows you to clean large sized floors in your home with minimal wear. The vacuum weighs around 17 lbs, which is perfect for cleaning large sections of your home and movement from one room to the next.

Value For Money

They are very affordably priced when compared to other vacuum cleaners in the market with similar or less features. Their 12 amp motors are testament to this because they are fitted in more expensive devices. The power of their motors picks up all types of objects on your hardwood floors with ease, which means less passes and more time for other household activities.


The manufacturer has fitted the devices with HEPA filters to minimize contact between you and the particles sucked in by the vacuum cleaner. This is a plus given the fact that you could be suffering from allergies and other respiratory conditions.


You have the option of turning your vacuum’s brush-roll on or off at the touch of a button. This is to prevent it from damaging your hardwood floor by scratching it. The brush-roll can also be turned off when you want to minimize the amount of dirt particles swirled around. The vacuum turns itself when its motor reaches a certain temperature. This happens after prolonged use, and is done to prevent the motor form being damaged.

Bagless Container

This vacuum comes with a bagless container that alerts you when it s full. It is easily emptied once it is full, which is a great advantage especially where you need to avoid contact with tiny dust and animal dander particles that could cause allergies.

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