Top Features of a Hardwood Vacuum

Hardwood floors get polluted easily if they are not properly maintained. It can be a hard task to clean hardwood floors if you don’t have the right type of hardwood floor or hardwood vacuum suited for you. However, you can be in a good position to clean dust, dirt, pet hair and other small objects in your home with the assistance of an ideal vacuum cleaner. It is very crucial when selecting the right type of cleaner to fit your hardwood cleaning specifications and requirements which can clean the hardwood floor easily and without any frustration or hesitation.

Different people have diverse preferences when purchasing a hardwood floor vacuum because there are a variety of choices that are available in today’s market. However, these people at many times make several mistakes by avoiding spending good time while researching the particular vacuum cleaner they wish to buy.

Here are features of the best hardwood vacuum cleaner:

1. Cleaning methods

In order to get to know the best cleaning method for your hardwood flooring, you have to determine your workflow. For homes with less floor mats, a wet dry vacuum cleaner will be effective and the efficient to clean. In homes which have ample floor mats, a wet dry hardwood floor vacuum may not be feasible to use as a vacuum cleaner which can transition from hardwood floors to carpets.

2. Compatibility and Weight

You generally choose a vacuum that has less weight and also easy to move around. Heavy weight vacuum cleaners cause scuff-marks and scratches all over your Hardwood floor. Consider the weight of the hardwood vacuum cleaner that you wish to purchase. The cleaner should be portable and light weighted such that one can carry from one place to another with much ease and without any hesitation. In addition, it should not take too much storage space.

3. Additional tools

You should research if the cleaner has the relevant attachment tools and accessories available for the type of wood floor you have installed. The tools are used for distinct cleaning purposes

4. No beater brushes

A perfect hardwood vacuum should have no any beater brushes. Inspect the head of the vacuum for round rotator brushes, which is often covered in thick bristles. Such vacuums are designed for use wotj carpet fibers, and can otherwise cause scratches, which lead to you sanding and refinishing the wood floor all over again.

5. Padded with rubber or felt stripes

This feature is very effective when preventing unwanted scratches.

6. Contains mop and sweep functions

A vacuum cleaner that can mop and sweep a floor is the best for wooden floors. This wet function allows one to clean the floor with less effort after vacuum cleaning, which is basic for Hardwood floors.

7. Strong suction power

Stubborn objects that found on hardwood require a more suction power and thus the cleaner should have strong suction power.

Vacuum cleaner is a significant tool that everyone should have in order to achieve a hygienic and clean home. You will have the capability to keep your house, or the hardwood flooring new, and fresh using the correct type of vacuum cleaner which is readily available in the market to date. The good thing about it is that there exist numerous high quality brands and manufactures who design the perfect vacuum cleaners. However, you need to make your own decision taking into consideration the cleaning needs and specifications you have.

Read online hardwood floor vacuum reviews and find more information before making any decisions. Always remember that expensive doesn’t mean the best. Be careful

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