Top Reasons to Own a Lightweight Handheld Vacuum

A lightweight handheld vacuum is portable, easy-to-use and versatile. It will help you in reaching those areas which were otherwise inaccessible by a canister or an upright. Also, its low suction power makes it unique and ideal for some specific uses such as cleaning of one’s pet hair.

In the television sitcom Friends, Monica – the cleanliness freak, was seen cleaning her upright vacuum cleaner with a handheld vacuum; thus telling you how important this vacuum actually is. If she has it, we also ought to have it too, right? Well, not exactly, but read on.

Top 4 Reasons to Own a Lightweight Hand Vacuum

Apart from its basic characteristics (lightweight, easy-to-use, portable and lesser storage), here are a few situations in which it will come in handy:

1. Small Messes

Let’s face it- no matter how cautiously or how carefully we behave; we are bound to create small messes in our homes. For instance, a child may drop a cereal box once in a while or someone will accidentally knock down something. Sometimes, you may also find someone tracking dirt into the house.

In such situations, a handheld vacuum will come in handy. You can quickly clean your small mess with these convenient little machines. There is no need to take out a huge bulky machine each time. Also, one should note that brooms work well on hardwood floors, however, vacuums are more efficient on carpets; thus making it essential to possess one.

2. Vehicles

While cleaning your car, you will notice a lot of crannies, nooks and hard-to-reach places. It is very difficult to reach these places with a full-sized cleaner. However, you can easily reach them with a simple portable vacuum.

Thus, a handheld cleaner will not only make your job easy but will also help you to save money.

3. Pet Hair

Around 39% of American households own a dog and 34% have at least one cat. To state the obvious, we love our pets; however, one thing which we do not like is pet hair. Taking out a regular vacuum for cleaning pet hair on the sofa, bed or carpet can be frustrating. However, if you use a handheld vac, you can clean it quickly and easily.

Thus, when it comes to pet owners, a good quality portable cleaner is the need of the hour.

4. Wet Spills

Traditionally, cleaning a spill meant going down on your knees with a bucket and a scrub brush. Fortunately, this has now changed with the introduction of wet/dry vacuums. By using a handheld wet/dry vacuum, you can easily clean the area and dry it one easy step.

One should note that using a regular vacuum to clean such spills can be highly dangerous. Hence, it is advisable to use only those devices which are specifically designed for this purpose.


If you are looking for a hassle-free cleaning experience, you’re going to need a lightweight handheld model. Its versatile use, portability and easy-to-use functions will make your life easier.

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