How to Choose a Vacuum Designed for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can be difficult to clean. Care must be taken against scratches or excessive use of liquids.

Hardwood floor vacuums are a great option, albeit selecting them can be tricky. This article will go through some important pointers to be kept in mind while choosing hardwood floor vacuum cleaners, especially when it comes to cleaning pet hair on hardwood.

1. Functionality and Specifications

Vacuum Designed For HardwoodA prerequisite for choosing a hardwood floor cleaners is reading its functionality and specifications. Many vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning carpets and not necessarily on wooden flooring

Check the suction area specifically for padding. If there is no padding, attach one. A new class of hardwood floor cleaners, known as dust busters, are extremely capable at removing dust from corners and crevices that are not accessible by traditional vacuum cleaners.

2. Cleaning Modes

The best vacuum cleaners designed for hardwood floors always come with three cleaning modes namely vacuuming mode, wet mode and dry mode.

The first mode is used for sucking out dust settled on the floor with the help of the primary suction device, while the latter two modes have a mop like functionality. The wet mode sprays a cleansing liquid over the targeted area and the dry mode polishes it and removes excess liquids. It is essential to have these three modes as they are vital in keeping your floors speck and span.

3. Pricing, Reviews and Style

There are plethora of options available nowadays in hardwood cleaners. So much that you will be spoilt for choice. Thus it is essential to have a good overview while choosing the right cleaner for you. Take some time and read reviews on your chosen vacuum cleaners.

Take in both its praises and criticism with equal stead and gauge its worth for yourself. Make up your mind regarding the style you want. There are a few cordless vacuum cleaners available nowadays which can give the traditional ones a run for their money. Also you can choose on other aspects like its color, size, etc. Finally check its pricing, both online and offline. The current competition in market means you can grab a good bargain without having to compromise too much.

4. Medium of Purchase

Medium of purchase is a hugely deciding factor nowadays. Online purchases offer more discounts or deals along with greater availability and faster and more convenient shipping. Offline purchase cuts down on shipping costs and lets you verify the product physically. Compare both mediums and check their final pricing before striking the deal.

5. Warranty

Finally, an important issue to be taken into consideration is the issue of warranty. Just because you have paid for the product doesn’t mean it is not liable to break down in a couple of years. A warranty means the manufacturer will take care in making and quality of the product, thereby making it more durable. It is always smart in considering to purchase any appliance, not just a vacuum cleaner, with free manufacturer’s warranty. Quickly skim through the warranty before making the purchase to see what is covered and what’s not.

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